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We’re open Tuesday – Sunday from 8am – 7pm.
Anyone can learn to JetSurf with the proper training and instruction. Water conditions can be a factor but if you are determined to have fun then you will fine. Boarding experience is a plus, but not necessary. Many first-time riders get up with a little instruction. We offer first-time riders a try using the JetSurf Tube, an inflatable bumper that fits around the board and adds extra support and inflation. Once you’ve mastered riding with the tube, we’ll unstrap the tube and send you back out on the water to finish your ride.
JetSurf boards are considered a personal watercraft in the state of Texas. Per Texas law, riders must be at least 13 years of age to ride with and adult on public waterways. If you have access to any type of private lake this can be avoided, Please see link below.
Children 13 years and older can ride without an adult, but the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to the lesson or visit. This must be arranged ahead of time and at specific private lake locations. You must be 18 years or older to JetSurf on public waterways in the State of Texas. You must also have complete a boaters safety coarse if you are in Clear Lake, Galveston and Lake Conroe. Please see link below.
The board is designed to accommodate riders up to 265 lbs.
First time riders are required to book a 1 Hour Discovery Lesson. This includes a 15-minute briefing on how to safely operate and care for the board, plus 45-minutes of ride time. Once you complete a discovery lesson, you are free to book a 1 hour JetSurf Board Rental.
Swimsuit, towel, Texas ID unless under 18 years old and a great attitude. Please arrive dressed and ready to hit the water. If you need to change we have restrooms available. We encourage you to bring lunch or snack for after your lesson and drink plenty of water beforehand.
Please arrive ready to hit the water. Restrooms and changing rooms are available as well as lockers to accommodate your belongings safely.
Yes, lockers are available in the JetSurf Houston Storefront/ Showroom.
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the property, consuming alcoholic before your lesson, ride or rental is strictly prohibited. Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed once you’ve finished riding. We encourage you to bring lunch or a snack. Coolers are also welcome. Please be courteous and use the waste receptacles on property. Please do not litter.
Although we love watching dogs ride a paddleboard, they are not allowed on the property without prior approval. Please email for approval.
Enjoy an authentic Texas experience at our multiple locations and 100 acre private lake. Hangout, literally, in one of our hanging chairs and hammocks, or lounge on the beach and get some sun. Bird watch and try to spot the State Bird of Texas. We also have paddle boards and kayaks available for rent through a third party vendor.
In 34 years of living in Houston and Clear lake Area and we’ve never had a single attack or issue, nor have we had an alligator come on shore near where we ride or conduct various water sports activities. Alligators are afraid of the sound of the JetSurf board and keep their distance.
It’s really simple! Click the book now button and select your lesson or rental. Choose the number of riders you wish to book (up to three at a time). Then select the day and time you wish to come out and proceed to checkout. Our site is secure, so your credit card info is safe. You’ll receive a follow-up email within 24-hours to confirm your booking. Be sure to click the link in the email to sign the waiver, so you’re ready to hit the water when you arrive.
Click the book now button and select your lesson. Then select the day and time you wish to come out and proceed to checkout. On the check-out page, click the orange button that says “Add Promo code/Voucher” to adjust the final price.
Yes, please inquire at or call 321-436-9523 for group rates and availability.
Yes, please inquire at or call 281 JET-SURF (538-7873) for rates and availability.
Yes, we also sell boards! We’ve been selected by JetSurf USA to be an authorized retailer and the Official Dealer for South Texas. We also have a service center for all your JetSurf maintenance needs. Please email us at for details and current inventory, or ask your instructor after your lesson.
Great! You should. Your best move is to book a discovery lesson. This is the ultimate test drive. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions during your lesson and check board availability.
We will spend 2-3 hours with the customer going over how to ride, clean, and maintain your very own motorized surfboard. This is an more in depth lesson and much more info on the board itself. Demo lessons are free with your board purchase. If you would like to have a demo before your board purchase we charge $300.00. We will take this off the board purchase price if purchased within 30 days of demo.
Yes, we do. After selecting your lesson/ride, you can “add on” a few extras, like adding a GoPro to your board for an additional $50. The raw video footage will be shared with you via email within 3 days of your lesson.
You bet! T shirts, long sleeve water shirts, and hats, as well as some official JetSurf merchandise, is available on-site. Please ask your instructor to show you what’s available.
You could, but we strongly discourage wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses while JetSurfing. You may lose them in the water if you fall. We suggest wearing contact lenses during your lesson.

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